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The company's experience and a large production base allow us to fulfill non-standard orders of varying complexity in the shortest possible time. A convenient geographical location provides short delivery times around the world. On behalf of all employees, we thank You for your interest in Tradexpo.

The company has been operating in the retail equipment market since 2005. Having established itself as a reliable partner, with a stable pricing policy and an ever-expanding range, over the years the company has acquired such significant partners as Sberbank of Russia, Magnit, Henkel, Procter and Gamble, "From hand to hand" and "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
The company's unique experience and large production base allow us to fulfill non-standard orders of various complexity in the shortest possible time. Starting with the development and approval of the 3D model of the project within a few hours, the production of products within a day and ending with the delivery of finished packaged products the next day. Qualified Tradexpo specialists will always help you choose the most suitable equipment for trading and advertising, taking into account the specifics of Your products, help you reduce costs and answer any questions you may have.

The main advantages of the manufactured metal mesh equipment are mobility, practicality, and versatility. It is suitable for almost any type of product and type of room, but most importantly-allows you to meet any budget.

Mesh equipment combines excellent functionality, the ability to withstand high loads, high build quality and long service life. Thanks to these properties, it is almost universal, ideal for printing, as well as for food, CD-DVD, stationery, household goods, Souvenirs and much more. The range of standard Tradexpo products includes racks, turntables, stands, displays, and individual attachments (modules, hooks, and baskets).

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Tradexpo Team